St. Agnes Junior High

Staff Directory

For staff extensions please dialĀ (902) 493-5132 followed by the extension below.

If this call is urgent please dial 0 for the main office.

Support Staff

Name Role / Department Phone Email Online
Bauer, Sachiko Strings
Beck, Cynthia Educational Program Assistant
Boutilier, Joanne Student Support ext. 5551127
Cardarelle, Jacobi Community Outreach/Schools Plus
Cormack, Jocelyn Speech Pathologist
Daley, Darrell Custodian
Hasiuk, Maria School Psychologist
Hayes, Sheila 50 % Educational Program Assistant
Hurshman, Jennifer Educational Program Assistant
Khan, Sajida Educational Program Assistant
Maurice, Linda Library Specialist Website
McDonald, Liam Educational Program Assistant
Mercer, Jeff Caretaker
Poojari, Rajani Educational Program Assistant
Ruttgaizer, Carla SLD Teacher
Sheriff, Dayga YMCA School Settlement Support Worker (Tuesday & Thursday)
Smith, Denise Educational Program Assistant
Tully, Matthew Educational Program Assistant
Vogt, Joanne Educational Program Assistant
Walter, Trevor African Nova Scotian Student Support (Monday & Thursday)

Teaching Staff

Name Role / Department Phone Email Online
Blair, Michelle 7-9 Learning Center ext. 5551104
Boutilier, Joanne 8 ELA ext. 5551127
Brophy, Greg 9 ELA/Social Studies ext. 5551108
Campbell, Amanda 8 Math/Science ext. 5551126
Carreiro, Paul 7-9 Art/7 Math ext. 5551103 Website
Carter, Chris 7 Math/Science ext. 5551122 Website
Clark, Christina 7-8 Core French ext. 5551118 Website
Crouse, Brad 8 Math/Social Studies ext. 5551125 Website
Fougere, Bonita 9 Math/French/Phys. Ed. ext. 5551111
Gibson, Sean 9 ELA/Social Studies/Healthy Living ext. 5551110 Website
Johnston, Kelsey 7-9 Tech. Ed. ext. 5551115 Website
Keddy, Christine 7 ELA/Social Studies/Healthy Living ext. 5551120 Website
Kelloway, Ashlea 7-9 Learning Center ext. 5551102
MacInnis, Marilyn 7-9 Family Studies ext. 5551026 Website
MacLean, Jill 7-9 Resource ext. 5551112
Maher, Amanda 7 ELA/Social Studies/Healthy Living ext. 5551123 Website
McInnis, Jeff 9 Math/Science ext. 5551106 Website
McMackin, Vincent 8 English ext. 5551124
Mullen, Christina EAL Teacher ext. 5551117
Pegley, Fred 7-9 Band ext. 5551114
Reid, Robin 8 Healthy Living ext. 5551116
Starzomski, Stephen 7-9 Phys. Ed. ext. 5551025


Name Role / Department Phone Email Online
Feeney, Jarrett Vice Principal ext. 5551002
Harrison, Sandy Secretary ext. 5551000
Khan, Barrett Principal ext. 5551001
Reid, Robin Guidance ext. 5551117