St. Agnes Junior High

Halifax Regional Municipality’s Citizenship Award

Each year the Halifax Regional Municipality’s Citizenship Award is presented to outstanding Grade 9 students in HRM. Each school will have only one award recipient.

Recipients are chosen based on the following criteria:
• Exemplifies qualities of leadership in, and service to, their school and community
• Maintains commendable academic performance in all subjects

At school this morning, all grade 9 students were told about this award, and applications are now available in the main office. Students who wish to be considered for this award must have their completed applications returned to the school’s main office by Friday, March 22nd. Two Evaluation Forms are also part of the application package and must be completed by references of their choice. These Evaluation Forms are to be submitted directly to the school by the referees also by March 22nd. The school’s awards committee will select a recipient for this award, and the recipient will be announced by Tuesday, March 26th.

Link to Application Form