St. Agnes Junior High

Curriculum Night

On Thursday September 21, St. Agnes will be hosting an in-person curriculum night from 6:00-7:15pm. This will give you the opportunity to meet your child's teachers and receive a brief introduction to the curriculum we offer. A schedule will be available upon arrival.

Parent Teacher Association - Fundraising
If you are interested in helping support our Parent Teacher Association in fundraising this year there will be a sign up sheet in the lobby during curriculum night. We are always looking to find new people and ideas to strengthen our school-community partnership.

School Advisory Committee
School Advisory Committees (SACs) are an integral part of Nova Scotia’s public schools. They provide parents/guardians, school staff, community members, and, when appropriate, students, with a voice to influence decisions that impact student learning. As advisory bodies, SACs bring partners together to provide principals and RCEs with advice that reflects the best interests of students from the point of view of the school community. If you are interested in putting forward an expression of interest to participate in our School Advisory Committee there will be a sign up in the lobby during curriculum night.