St. Agnes Junior High

St. Agnes Electronic Device Policy

St. Agnes Electronic Device Policy

St. Agnes Junior High has embarked on a journey in relation to the use of personal electronic devices within the school. We know that electronic devices are important tools in our modern society as they can be utilized to enhance and engage our students, but we also understand that students must be provided with guidelines to use technology responsibly.

Students WILL be allowed to use their electronic devices: before school, during lunch hour outside of the school, after school and during teacher-approved learning activities.
Students WILL NOT be allowed to use electronic devices: during instructional time (unless directed by teachers), in the hallways during class transitions or in the washrooms.

Should a student use their phone inappropriately, the teacher/staff member will ask the student to put the phone away. Should the student use the phone inappropriately a second time, the teacher/staff member will hold the student phone on her/his desk until class is over.

As extra-curricular activities and school-related events are an extension of school, rules for appropriate use of technology exist. While participating in teams, clubs, activities and events, students will only be permitted to use electronic devices for communication purposes (text/call). Use of devices for videotaping or taking pictures of other students without their permission is prohibited and will result in consequences associated with the Provincial Code of Conduct.  

We thank you for your support and assistance in ensuring that the students of St. Agnes Junior High use technology in a productive and respectful manner.